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The Thomson Reuters Answers On blog focuses on providing trusted answers for commerce and regulation, data intelligence and platforms, disruption and transformation, global trade and supply chain issues, responsible business practices, and more.

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Vehicles drive on Three Ring Road (left) and Jianwai Street (right) during the evening rush hour in central Beijing, December 23, 2010. Beijing will limit issuance of new car plates to 240,000 annually from January 1, 2011, in an effort to ease the capital city's traffic jams, Xinhua News Agency reported.

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Stay current with the latest updates on tax law, accounting practices, and global trade management from the Thomson Reuters tax & accounting.

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Read technology, practice, research, news and legal solutions insights from our top Thomson Reuters legal authors.

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The Statue of Justice, depicted as a women with a sword in one hand and scale in her other, is seen on top of the London Central Criminal Court, the Old Bailey in London August 12, 2005.
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