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Thomson Reuters ProView™

Digital library of law eBooks

Thomson Reuters ProView™

Trusted content on an intelligent eReader

Thomson Reuters ProView™ is the mobile and desktop reading platform for people who are going places. On iPad®, Android® tablet, or computer, it delivers your Thomson Reuters eBooks and periodicals online and offline.

Thomson Reuters ProView™ is a professional-grade platform that allows you to interact with your eBooks in entirely new ways. More than just any eReader, it's a platform with the busy professional in mind.

Whether you use an iPad or an Android tablet, or your computer (app or browser), Thomson Reuters ProView™ allows you to access your Thomson Reuters eBooks and periodicals online and offline, without missing a beat.

The ebook for the legal professional

The global platform leader for professional ebooks.

More than 1 million users.

Present in more than 15 countries.

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