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Solutions for Corporate Legal

One platform that can do it all

Optimise and streamline the way your department works with our HighQ legal operations platform.

With unparalleled out-of-the-box integration abilities, HighQ provides you with a single, unified platform that delivers unrivalled functionality and integrates with the technologies you already have, enabling you to complete all of your service requests, matters, documents, contract lifecycles, outside counsel liaisons and much more, in one place.

HighQ - for corporate legal



Discover how HighQ can drive efficiencies and transform the way you work today.

Matter management

Matter management - Centralise all matter information and collaborate in one place giving you complete visibility of your legal team’s workload, activity, spend, and risk.

Contract management

Contract management - Manage contract creation, review, approval, and execution; extract and track key terms using AI tools; and visualise risk with reporting dashboards.

Document management

Document management - Store, update, access, and share matter documents and correspondence securely from anywhere with integrated, powerful document management capabilities.

Vendor management

Vendor management - Collaborate and communicate on matters and projects easily with external lawyers and providers, providing certainty and transparency.

One platform is all you need


Quickly get real-time insights through engaging charts, graphs, and dashboards.


Plan and deliver work more efficiently using agile, task-based project management tools.


Automate and optimise legal workflows to enhance team efficiency and responsiveness.


Capture, manage, and share legal knowledge and insights to drive better decision-making.


Build business-facing solutions to enable self-service for low-value, routine legal work.


Get out of email through the use of social collaboration tools, improving communication.


Automate tasks and notifications to ensure all stakeholders are kept informed.


Track performance and operational data to identify risk and make informed decisions.

With HighQ, we are digitising our processes, strengthening the digital mindset in our team and positioning ourselves for the future.
Dr Christian Ries
General Counsel (SVP), HelloFresh

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