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Practical Law

Where information becomes legal know-how

Practical Law features and benefits

Vast Bank Of Online Know How

Access the resources written in plain English, based not just on the law but on general market practice, which can be easily tailored for use under the law of other jurisdictions.

Saves Your Time

Practical Law has a massive bank of precedents template that can form the starting point when drafting international legal documents.


Practical Law checklists, timelines and flowcharts help make sure you've covered all the bases.


Practical Law toolkits are a collection of resources for key areas of legal risk and compliance.

What’s in the Market

A tool that lets you search, review, and compare summaries of recent deals and filings to help you stay informed of current trends and market practice.

Understand Local Market Practices

Get detailed applicable local requirements for notarizing, regulatory filings, and other execution formalities.

Internationally Connect

Easy access to updated and invaluable information and data about UK,US, Chinese and European laws and markets.

Save Money

Save external spend by becoming a multi-jurisdictional resource for your company or firm.

Advise With Confidence

Advise confidently in unfamiliar jurisdictions, using comparative guides to the law worldwide, covering all the major economies.

Current Awareness And Marketing Analysis

To keep on top of legal and regulatory developments by signing up for legal updates written by experts, telling what you need to know and why.