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Thomson Reuters Westlaw

The world’s most preferred online legal research service.

Westlaw benefits

Westlaw's legal information database opens a door to a wealth of information concerning both Indian and international law, shedding light on their regulations and jurisprudence. Westlaw helps you to get your answers more quickly with tools and resources to speed up your research.

More value

  • Contains more than 1200 Law Reviews and Journals from around the world
  • Includes legal encyclopedias like American Jurisprudence and Corpus Juris Secundum
  • Black’s Law Dictionary

First online legal information database combining India and international

United Kingdom

Cases from 1865 & Legislation from 1267
Comprehensive EU Content from 1952


Cases from 1825
Fully consolidated legislation


Cases from 1895 & Legislation from 1850

United States

Cases from 1658
Fully Annotated Statutes

Korea and Australia

Cases from 1903

Hong Kong

Cases from 1905
Legislation from 1997

Unparalleled international content

Jurisdiction Cases Legislation Journals Legal Updates Treaties
UK Yes Yes Yes Yes IP
Australia Yes   Yes    
Canada Yes Yes Yes    
Hong Kong Yes Yes Yes Yes  
USA Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
EU Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

Strong local content

  • Full text of decisions delivered by the Supreme Court from 1950 until the present
  • Recently delivered Supreme Court orders
  • Cases from all high courts in India
  • Tribunal decisions from 18 tribunals and commissions
  • Legislation coverage includes all Bare Acts
  • Rules and regulations from 1890 to the present
  • Notifications and circulars covering a wide range of ministries

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