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Best-in-Class GST Technology Built by a global leader in tax technology for India's dynamic tax environment.

About Thomson Reuters ONESOURCE

End-To-End GST Automation

A full life cycle solution for GST determination and reporting, powered by globally trusted and patented technology from Thomson Reuters.

No Disruption, No Downtime.

Leverage our patented GST technology to integrate with your existing business system without any disruption

Why automate GST?

Increase Productivity

With such an easy, accurate way to determine GST on all transactions, your tax team can redirect their attention from low-value to high-value work.

Reduce Risks

With instant access to comprehensive, expertly researched information on GST regulations, you’ll never run the risk of using out-of-date tax rules.

Stay Compliant

Ease your compliance workload with a solution that tracks changes in legislation for you and automates the production and filing of accurate, fully compliant GST returns.

Thomson Reuters ONESOURCE, built for India GST regime, is the best-in-class tax technology which can directly integrate with your ERP’s, generate e-invoices, validate data and populate your GST returns.

ONESOURCE GST Determination & Compliance

Get an instant view of all your transactions

Purpose-built for India's new GST tax regime

Maintain control and confidence in the fast-changing tax landscape

ONESOURCE India GST Dashboard


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