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GMT Compliance - The calm before the storm

This webinar is a gateway to tackling the complexities of Global Minimum Tax, shattering the 2026 future-problem fallacy, and the launch of our new whitepaper in which many leading experts have provided their guidance into on how to balance house expertise with advisory and technology.

On-demand Webinar

Cloudonomics: Maximizing Efficiency in Statutory Reporting

The future of the workforce handling Statutory Financial Reporting is changing. Learn how content-driven cloud technology is creating a more resilient, agile workforce.

On-demand webinar

Global Minimum Tax: Preparing, provisioning and compliance readiness for BEPs 2.0

Global Minimum Tax is coming. 135 countries and jurisdictions have signed up. Is your organisation ready? Tune in with us as we discuss with EY and Orbitax the data requirements, processing steps and timeline necessary to meet upcoming BEPS 2.0 Pillar Two requirements. We'll highlight the tools included on the Orbitax International Tax Platform that can help companies address issues related to the global minimum tax. These tools leverage ONESOURCE integration to improve and automate your tax compliance preparation and review process. Finally, we'll review the latest use cases and preview what’s ahead.

On-demand webinar

Unleashing the Power of AI and Data in Financial Services

The financial services landscape continues to undergo rapid metamorphosis, fuelled by evolving generative AI and large language model (LLM) technologies, unleashing a wave of transformation not seen in decades. Fintechs continue to disrupt the traditional value chains, while customers expect greater innovation and speed, amplifying the pressure for organisations to redefine their tech stacks by synthesising new and existing technologies.

On-demand webinar

Innovators Reshaping Financial Services

Radical advancements in technology are spearheading business transformation across the globe. Tech companies continue to infiltrate the financial services landscape, merging traditional banking models into an ecosystem of evolving technologies. If you are a technology leader or executive in the financial services sector, this is an event you don’t want to miss.