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Thomson Reuters provides cutting edge solutions to help governments deliver services more efficiently, promote smart government initiatives (Smart Cities) transfer of assets and resources and increase competitiveness. Comprehensive risk management, tax, and legal solutions simplifies management of initiatives.

Simplifying revenue management for world governments

Thomson Reuters Aumentum
Thomson Reuters Aumentum suite offers solutions to manage tax, valuation and registrations. Aumentum Tax solution simplifies collection and billing of property tax. The Aumentum solution comes with the essential tools for fair and accurate priority valuations. Aumentum Registry is an automated land information system to manage property registrations, documents and transactions.

Leading solutions to manage department workflow, professional education, and staffing management for key projects

Thomson Reuters Legal Solutions
Thomson Reuters Concourse: A powerful suite of legal content and workflow solutions, designed specifically for law departments. Concourse provides the tools to help you organize your department’s legal activities, save you time and money, and simplify your day. Stay on the cutting edge with this timely collection of legal news, best practices, peer profiles, and trending topics for public sector professionals.