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Portfolio management

Easily manage a wide range of portfolios, from private equity investments and real estate assets to trademarks

Take the hassle out of portfolio management

With HighQ you can capture, store, and search all information and files related to a wide range of portfolios. If you’re managing a portfolio on behalf of a client, you can allow your client viewing access so they can monitor this information at their convenience.

Flexible data capture

Quickly gain a view and comparison of specific data relating to one or more assets by creating spreadsheets and databases for easy data capture, access, and maintenance of portfolio assets.

Detailed reports and auditing

Audit every file and action by reviewing the full version history of a document or see who has accessed it, sent a link, or read a particular version.

Centralized storage

Maintain everything within one online space for workflow efficiency, streamlined costs, and tightened security.

Enterprise-grade security

Because HighQ is ISO 27001 certified and our products are independently audited and tested, you can securely exchange sensitive information on business-critical, time-sensitive transactions.

Advanced permissions control

Grant permissions at a granular level and manage access to rooms, folders, and files for buyers, sellers, and advisors. Sensitive documents can be fully protected with digital rights management.

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