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Statutory reporting software

Cloud-based disclosure management software to standardise and automate global financial statement preparation

Centralized control over global financial reports

Today’s global financial reporting landscape requires you to prepare statutory reporting obligations quickly and accurately, but requirements for submitting financial reports can vary widely from country to country. Thomson Reuters ONESOURCE Statutory Reporting is a leading cloud-based global disclosure management tool that automates the production process, saving you time on tedious manual work and driving data quality improvements. Serving in over 45 jurisdictions our software helps you remain compliant with features that includes local language, country-specific reporting templates, and timely best-practice content updates from the Big Four accounting firms and in-house content experts. 

Whether you are looking to centralize your statutory reporting process through a shared service center, maintain it in-country or take a hybrid approach, ONESOURCE Statutory Reporting enables you to be flexible with your operational delivery model whilst driving standardization, efficiency and control. We offer flexible support should you utilise a Shared Service Centre or Centre of Excellence, and our translation functionality enables your non-local language speakers to easily prepare financial statements in English.

The future of statutory financial reporting

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What you get with ONESOURCE Statutory Reporting Software

Best practice content

Access local language, best practice, country-specific reporting templates and content updates by leading experts.

One-click translation

Machine translation service allows for software and reports to be translated quickly and simply into English.

Automated processes

Save time with automatic updates using the power of cloud technology, and increase accuracy with automatic rounding, numbering, referencing, and roll-forward processes.

GAAP to STAT walk

Load general ledger data in multiple formats, with audit trails for all sources, to make easy statutory adjustments.

Complete audit trail

Substantiate your reports with standard workpapers, providing a full audit trail.

Access data quickly

Spend less time managing data and fixing errors. Enter data just once and see it flow automatically to all relevant reports.

See how one global company automated their global financial reporting process

Pavlo Boyko, Global Accounting and Tax Solution Architect at TMF Group explains how the significant geographical coverage of ONESOURCE Statutory Reporting helps them meet the compliance requirements of their customers around the globe.

Why choose ONESOURCE Statutory Reporting


Managing statutory reporting and tax in shared service centers

Centralizing financial reporting and tax compliance in shared service centers not only helps in reducing costs, but eliminates redundancies and drives leaner, standardized efficient processes.

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