ONESOURCE Statutory Reporting

ONESOURCE Statutory Reporting

Standardize financial reporting across all countries you operate in.

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Transcend manual processes and regional barriers globally

Multinational corporations and shared service centres face several challenges in dealing with evolving reporting requirements and the scrutiny of regulators. Every jurisdiction your business operates in has varying processes, regulations, disclosures, and policies for statutory reporting. Further, language barriers and lack of knowledge can make it even harder and time-intensive to manage formatting and review processes.

Why clients choose ONESOURCE Statutory Reporting?

ONESOURCE Statutory Reporting enables tax teams across the world to produce financial reports that meet varied requirements across different countries. It provides reports that - follow best practices, provides tax content updates from the Big 4 firms, adapts to country-specific reporting templates and is localised for language.

Three Pillars

Efficiency Control Flexibility

Save time and increase accuracy with automatic rounding, note/ page numbering, referencing and roll forward process

Maintain consistency of your corporate reports by controlling the updates to common notes and disclosures across your group Flexibility to make changes within the report (wording, layout, disclosure) to suit your requirements

Pre-defined disclosures and update functionality on all requirements under IFRS/ local GAAP

Standard workpapers help substantiate your reports by providing a full audit trail Create and control your own formulas and variables to link and reference data throughout your reports

Having a single process for all the accounting, from U.S. GAAP down through to statutory reporting and compliance at the local level, is a powerful asset for our financial team and therefore for our business.