Statutory Reporting software

Thomson Reuters ONESOURCE Statutory Reporting is the leading disclosure management software, helping you remain compliant in over 45 jurisdictions. Learn how ONESOURCE Statutory Reporting can help you standardise and simplify the Statutory Reporting process, providing greater control, flexibility and transparency.   


Centralise your statutory financial reporting process, maintain it in-country, or take a hybrid approach. With our global platform, we can support you locally with country-specific reporting templates, and timely best-practice content update from the Big Four accounting firms, allowing you more time for value-added work.

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Centralised control. Country-specific compliance. Greater data transparency.

Speed & Efficiency

Simplify the completion of financial statements earlier. Greater access to essential data without the manual data collection.


Enforce a corporate standard across the board — a consistent, centralised platform for global control of your financial reporting.


Insert and customise new disclosures in your reports using our standard templates or create and control your own specific disclosures.


Swiftly apply your tools and processes to new entities or jurisdictions with standardised templates and processes.

Key features 

Automated Processes

Save time and increase accuracy with automatic rounding, numbering, referencing, and roll-forward processes.

Best Practice Content

Access local language, best practice, country-specific reporting templates and content updates.


Machine translation service allows for the software and reports to be in English or local language.

GAAP to STAT walk

Load general ledger data in multiple formats, with audit trails for all sources, to make easy statutory adjustments.

Complete audit trail

Substantiate your reports with standard workpapers, providing a full audit trail.

Access data quickly

Spend less time managing data and fixing errors. Just enter data once and see it flow automatically to all relevant reports.

We take the security of your information seriously. As ISO 27001 certified, we protect your reputation and data against cyber attacks so you can focus on streamlined tax functions across your business. 

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