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India’s most robust software suite for Indirect Tax

ONESOURCE is a calculation-to-compliance indirect tax software suite of solutions, that is being used successfully across the globe.

It provides an effortless, automated approach to help businesses take ownership of their company’s tax strategies and manage global sales and use taxes, VAT, and GST, with ease and efficacy — no matter where operations are located.

Our global indirect tax solutions help organizations manage the complexity of new indirect tax regulations, including the upcoming European Union place of supply VAT rules. Furthermore, ONESOURCE also enables shared service centres to improve operational efficiencies by managing tax calculations and returns across multiple international tax jurisdictions.


ONESOURCE Indirect Tax Determination

Automate GST, VAT, and sales & use tax calculations in 175+ countries

Why choose ONESOURCE Determination?

Whether organizations are entering new markets or simply modernizing existing tax systems, they are faced with ever-changing indirect tax rates, from excise to consumption taxes, combined with complex state and country rules for collecting and paying taxes.

Organizations across the globe leverage ONESOURCE to ensure that indirect taxes are calculated and reported consistently without any errors. It integrates with company’s ERPs or other financial applications in real time so that all its enterprise-wide systems are able to use a single, scalable instance of ONESOURCE.



With ONESOURCE you can:

  • Automate tax determination and calculation process to help your organization manage indirect taxes with ease

  • Determine your company’s liability for sales tax, use tax, GST, VAT, excise tax, and other country-specific taxes using the latest global tax rates and rules

  • Obtain a consolidated, real-time view of transaction tax exposures worldwide

  • Assess and record indirect taxes in a centralized & standardized format, with region-specific tax content, from over 175 countries

  • Deliver control and consistency and save set-up & risk related costs.



Managing indirect tax compliance across the globe

Thomson Reuters’ ONESOURCE helps businesses seamlessly manage all aspects of indirect tax - starting from research to determination and compliance. It is currently the only comprehensive indirect tax solution for domestic and multinational corporations.

It was a perfect storm of tax challenges. Instead of being swept up in it, we decided to use it as a basis for transformation. We needed a single, global solution with a local focus.


ONESOURCE Indirect Tax Compliance

Increase efficiency, lower costs and minimize compliance risk

Achieving compliance for GST, VAT, sales and use tax, and other indirect taxes is becoming increasingly complex across the globe. Multinational corporations have to deal with the preparation of indirect tax returns, international trade declarations, sales and purchase listings in economies with disparate regulations, requirements and complexities.

Thomson Reuters’ ONESOURCE Indirect Tax Compliance is a comprehensive, web-based solution for GST, VAT, and sales and use tax. It helps you deftly steer through constantly changing tax requirements across the globe.


Why choose ONESOURCE Compliance?

With ONESOURCE Indirect Compliance, you can:

  1. Consolidate data from multiple systems & provides seamless tax data validation specific to different countries.

  2. Get a unified, structured, and controlled method of filing returns in English and local languages for different countries - all on a single tool.

  3. Meet GST requirements in India on a single platform with ease and efficiency

  4. Automate management of VAT, sales and use tax and other international tax returns

  5. Avoid risks associated with country-specific spreadsheets and complex manual tasks

  6. Address compliance requirements in every jurisdiction with tremendous efficiency.