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Onesource Indirect Tax

Determine, calculate, comply

ONESOURCE Indirect Tax Compliance

Increase efficiency, lower costs and minimize compliance risk

Achieving compliance for GST, VAT, sales and use tax, and other indirect taxes is becoming increasingly complex across the globe. Multinational corporations have to deal with the preparation of indirect tax returns, international trade declarations, sales and purchase listings in economies with disparate regulations, requirements and complexities.

Thomson Reuters’ ONESOURCE Indirect Tax Compliance is a comprehensive, web-based solution for GST, VAT, and sales and use tax. It helps you deftly steer through constantly changing tax requirements across the globe.

Why choose ONESOURCE Compliance?

With ONESOURCE Indirect Compliance, you can:

  1. Consolidate data from multiple systems & provides seamless tax data validation specific to different countries.

  2. Get a unified, structured, and controlled method of filing returns in English and local languages for different countries - all on a single tool.

  3. Meet GST requirements in India on a single platform with ease and efficiency

  4. Automate management of VAT, sales and use tax and other international tax returns

  5. Avoid risks associated with country-specific spreadsheets and complex manual tasks

  6. Address compliance requirements in every jurisdiction with tremendous efficiency.

Ultimate control over your compliance process

Centralized Process

Follow the compliance process at every step with real-time updates and the right metrics available centrally.

Digital Reports

Stay on top of digital reporting requirements of GST, VAT, sales and use tax globally.

Transformative capabilities

Take advantage of a fully integrated reporting tool that enables reconciliation, tax return preparation and compliance.

Prepare & manage returns

Prepare tax returns with flexible data sourcing or drill down with numerous forward & back-calculation methods.

Global Content

Get real-time updates from tax authorities in local languages, and follow best practices specific to each country.

Risk Aversion

With risk management control, you can easily review, signoff and even make audited manual adjustments

Easy Data Imports

Import data directly from ERPs, POS systems, e-commerce applications or manually with the help of IT teams.

Data Integrity

Comprehensive data analysis, as well as standard and custom interrogation, facilitates confidence in data integrity.