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Thomson Reuters Roundtables for Industry Experts

Series of roundtables providing first-hand insights into tax technology

Roundtables for Industry Experts

Thomson Reuters encourages educative and insight driven discussion among industry experts to learn how technology-enabled strategy can help deliver more with less. Our roundtable series is designed to share first-hand success stories from technology adapters, and the ‘why, how and when’ of digital transformation in the areas of finance, compliance, tax and accounting.

Rountable 1 - May 2021

Why companies choose specialised tax technology over ERP?

Featured speakers

Specialised tax technology solutions help keep up with tax changes across countries and cater to local compliances, thereby ensuring compliance across the globe. This is usually not addressed solely by ERP systems
Vishwanath Kini
Vice President – Global Tax Head, Tech Mahindra

Rountable 2 - March 2021

Key Global Statutory Financial Reporting Challenges: Answered  

Featured speakers

Turning to technology can help deliver more with less, reduce costs and make your statutory financial reporting process reliable and efficient
Nandheesh Sathyavelu
Director - Statutory Reporting, Thomson Reuters


It’s important to know where your organisation’s processes are at, and where you want to be, before you start the financial reporting transformation journey
Andrew Hay
Head of Proposition, Thomson Reuters

Rountable 3 - December 2020

How to design a future-proof global Tax Provision process?

Featured speakers

You may not be able to see the ROI of your transformation initially but along the journey, with the right technology partner, you can re-engineer your process. We have grown to leverage tax technology more effectively to enhance our team and overachieve expectations
Dharmender Chhabra
VP Finance, Corporate Treasury & Taxation, EXL Service

Rountable 4 - August 2020

Key Global Statutory Financial Reporting Challenge

Featured speakers

The key in statutory reporting has been to focus on efficiencies. There is a lot more efficiency, control over processes and centralisation and standardisation of systems seen after investing in the right technology
Ramarathnam Varadadesikan
Director - Global Statutory Reporting