‘Self-serve’ intelligent tax visualization


Intelligent analytics to identify tax discrepancies within minutes

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Intelligent analytics for concurrent audit

TaxAnalyze is a ‘self-serve’ intelligent tax visualization and analysis tool powered by Thomson Reuters’ ONESOURCE(TM) tax engine. 

With TaxAnalyze, tax teams can visualize B2B data in a single view, validate data before filing, avail correct input tax credit and ensure there are no tax leakages. It enables organizations to identify discrepancies in tax data within just minutes. The tool also spots tax mismatch calculation and identifies line-level inaccuracies involving Tax variance. With the ability to manage and verify all transactions in one central database, regardless of the number of systems in place, the compliance process is more efficient and error-proof.


Flexible, agile and secure

  • ERP Agnostic - Flexibility to work with data extracted from multiple ERPs
  • Single File Approach - Manage data from multiple sources in a single file for tax validation
  • Certified Content - Certified content with business intelligence to analyse tax rate, tax type, tax amount, ITC eligibility etc 
  • Audit Defense - Eliminates time-consuming transaction processes to generate error-free GST returns

What can you do with TaxAnalyze?

Be GSTR ready data for quick and easy compliance filing

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