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ONESOURCE Tax Provision automates reporting processes for LeasePlan

How LeasePlan achieved full compliance with IFRS standards by leveraging automated tax provision

Does tax technology increase efficiency in data collection?

A closer look at the organizations sailing seamlessly through tax law fluctuations reveals their reliance on technological solutions for tax management. Corporates agree that focusing on growth without having to slow down to adapt to the changing tax and financial regulatory environment requires the backing of a robust tax technology.

LeasePlan is a global fleet management and driver mobility company of Dutch origin. LeasePlan faced a significant strain on the company’s financial reporting function when time restrictions were introduced in relation to IFRS. They were required to report at a certain standard level and within a limited time frame. As a way to address these challenges, the company chose to implement ONESOURCE Tax Provision. This decision made reporting easier, reduced the amount of time spent on data collection and reduced risks inherent in Excel.  

The company is no longer dependent on spreadsheets and is instead able to quickly collect and consolidate data in a controlled environment, which has resulted in increased efficiency.

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