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ONESOURCE Transfer Pricing


Automate your comparable searches for Transfer Pricing.

Boost the efficiency of your comparable company analyses

Multinational corporations trying to keep pace with global transfer pricing compliance set by the OECD need an automated solution to find comparable companies to derive arm’s-length range. Whether you outsource, perform updates in-house, or prefer to complete documentation in-house, the Benchmark software is designed to optimize how you search for comparable companies searches — global, public, and private. Benchmark employs the most robust filtering technology allowing you to quickly reduce the universe of relevant comparable companies.

What you get with our comparable company searches

Intuitive search tool

Scan multiple company databases at once, tab through company financials, and compare assessments for greater accuracy.

Comprehensive exports

Export, review, and analyze data in Microsoft® Excel and Word for greater control and transparency.

Easy audits

Streamline the audit process with a detailed audit log that keeps track of every step in your comparable company analyses.

Intelligent Transfer Pricing Technology to Manage BEPS

Navigate a new era of transfer pricing documentation with ONESOURCE BEPS . A proactive response to country-by-country reporting, master file, and local file requirements will enable you to minimize risk and maintain your reputation.

Case study

Mitigating the risk of transfer pricing penalties and adjustments – with an in house solution

“If I didn’t have the software, I would have to prepare everything from scratch or find everything in different Excel or Word documents. The software makes it very easy to create studies especially on an ongoing basis.”

Emily Bernard
Tax Manager, Jones Lang LaSalle

Find the right comparable companies and achieve a higher level of efficiency with Transfer pricing Benchmark