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ONESOURCE Transfer Pricing

Comparable Databases

Transfer pricing comparables data without restrictions.

The transfer pricing database you need

Multinational corporations across the globe face unprecedented pressure to comply with transfer pricing documentation requirements. We understand that to reduce risk and achieve the highest practicable level of comparability, you need reliable, high-quality public, private and intangibles data to defend transfer prices. That’s why Thomson Reuters ONESOURCE has made a significant investment to develop a centralised, integrated comparable company database solution useful and relevant for transfer pricing analysis. We call it a smarter source of worldwide comparable company data.

Intelligent Transfer Pricing Technology to Manage BEPS

Navigate a new era of transfer pricing documentation with ONESOURCE BEPS . A proactive response to country-by-country reporting, master file, and local file requirements will enable you to minimize risk and maintain your reputation.

Case study

How Eastman tax team installed an in-house transfer pricing

“We are saving money and are able to generate as many reports as we like.”

Alexander van den Bosch
EMEA Tax Manager

Bring your Transfer Pricing Process In-House