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2021 State of Corporate Law Departments

The global COVID-19 pandemic: A catalyst for accelerating the change agenda


Law departments across the world, like the businesses they support, had a tough and challenging 2020. The pandemic caused major changes to in-house departments, as they shifted quickly under external and internal pressures. Ongoing research conducted globally, including the Asia-Pacific region, by Acritas’s Sharplegal shows that some departments came through the pandemic stronger and that highly successful departments had common responses to the crisis.

How will this report help you?

  • Compare your approach to handling the pandemic with that of your peers. 
  • Learn how to remain adaptable amid continuing uncertainty. 
  • Critique your own department against a new framework of a successful law department that includes metrics, spend benchmarks, talent management, technology improvements, process redesign, external counsel management, and culture development. 

Get your complimentary copy of the 2021 State of Corporate Law Departments report to discover how those highly successful departments thrived in adversity, and what lessons your department should take to prepare for further upheavals and transformations. 

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