Managing Statutory Reporting and Tax in Shared Service Centers


The challenges facing multinational corporations during the pandemic belong in a league of their own. Some teams have managed the internal and external pressures more successfully than others, coming through the disruption and uncertainty stronger than ever.

As corporations continue looking for ways to improve cost efficiencies, service levels and overall resilience, more are looking to move statutory financial reporting and tax compliance functions into the shared services centre. When executed well, this strategy can pay increasingly large dividends as a company grows. However, managing statutory reporting and tax compliance across multiple jurisdictions is complex – to put it mildly. 

How will this whitepaper help you?

In our whitepaper, we discuss how to: 

  • Move financial reporting and tax processes into an SSC as smoothly and successfully as possible.
  • Centralise processes while still maintaining the regional knowledge required to achieve compliance in all areas where you do business.
  • Maintain favourable relationships with local tax authorities.
  • Ensure finance and tax add strategic value throughout the organisation. 
  • But that’s probably also one of its biggest pitfalls, and that’s where the potential costs and risks arise.

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