The Cost of Status Quo in Indirect Tax Reporting


The Cost of Status Quo in Indirect Tax Reporting

The combined forces of global tax reform, economic growth and digital transformation are having a profound impact on India-based organisations. In this whitepaper, we look at why proactive organisations are assessing their tax software solutions and asking whether settling for the status quo carries an escalating risk of failure. 

Corporate tax departments that stick to the same processes and technology systems year in and year out may have the tools they need to meet tax obligations and fulfil reporting requirements. But can they face future challenges and contribute valuable insights that drive business growth?  

Download this whitepaper for expert insights on:

  • Digital transformation
  • Global tax rules changing India’s tax landscape
  • India’s rapid economic growth
  • Why specialist tax software is the way of the future
  • What to look for in a tax solution 

The transformation journey is a great opportunity to evolve away from a business model that’s driven by an accuracy focus to emphasise the insights technology can deliver. Tech solutions equip the tax team to use their expertise to be ahead of regulators and help steer the business in the right direction

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