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Legal document automation software

Solutions for in-house lawyers

In-house legal departments use Contract Express to cut costs, reduce delays and minimise risk, while delivering compliant, self-service contracts.

How does Contract Express work for corporations?

Contract Express is much more than just legal document automation software. It offers in-house legal teams intuitive questionnaire technology, sophisticated approval workflows and reporting functionality for self-service contracting. That's why it’s the solution of choice for leading corporations worldwide.

In-house legal departments use Contract Express to cut costs, reduce delays and minimise risk…all while delivering compliant self-service contracts.

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Thomson Reuters and Chapman Tripp

Capabilities and features

Self-service contract creation

Enable business users to initiate contract requests and receive signature-ready, locked PDFs when their request is complete and compliant.

Intuitive online questionnaire

Complete a simple, business-oriented online questionnaire to generate contracts ready for approval.

Robust approval process

Incomplete, non-compliant or non-standard answers, including any request by the counterparty for changes, are routed with an alerting email to defined approvers.

Improved department efficiency

Rely on automated drafting for the creation and approval of business agreements, such as: NDAs, licence agreements, sales agreements and procurement agreements.

DocuSign integration

Design, automate, generate, negotiate and execute your contracts all from one place.

iManage integration

Complete your document management process by connecting your iManage Work 10, a powerful document management system, with your instance of Contract Express.


Legal Document Automation: A Buyer’s Guide

A lawyer on average spends 60% of their time drafting documents. If there is a tool that allows them to do that faster and better, then it is an obvious choice. In this guide we look at features to look for when picking the right document automation solution.

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