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Enterprise-wide platform

HighQ for Business Operations

Innovative ways-of-working for teams across your enterprise

Streamline your business operations in a single platform

Manage and protect important data and adopt agile processes that transform business units. Our operations platform provides secure data rooms and seamless vendor management for financial service providers, procurement teams and many more.

Financial Services Providers

Sharing and collaborating with secure data and documents has never been more important. Manage your financial operations and processes using HighQ’s efficiency-driven secure platform tools.

Virtual data rooms

Set up a virtual data room in minutes to quickly and securely exchange files and other sensitive information with deal parties anywhere in the world.

Portfolio management

Capture, store and search all information and files related to asset portfolios that you are managing.

Compliance management

Navigate your business risks and use HighQ’s secure technology to support a holistic approach to regulatory tracking & compliance.

Procurement Teams

Supply chains have become increasingly global and complex. Simplify the selection and onboarding processes of suppliers, contract negotiation and purchase order approvals with automation and workflow tools, data analytics and dashboards – all in one collaborative platform.

Vendor Management

Onboard, maintain and manage your vendors in a secure and collaborative platform.


Generate data-driven insights straight from your dashboard and keep informed of your supplier management.

Automation & Workflow

Rely on our workflow efficiency tools to capture data and automate routing and approval processes for faster contract turnaround.

Other Enterprises

Optimise and simplify the way your business works with HighQ. Our operations platform takes the hassle out of contract creation and management, document automation and workflow, project and vendor management, and more.

Project Management

Plan, organise, track, and complete work more efficiently and intelligently.

Team collaboration

Discover a better way to collaborate, communicate, and connect your teams.

Document Automation

Rely on our workflow efficiency tools to capture data and automate routing and approval processes for faster contract turnaround.


4 Strategic Optimisations for Your Procurement Team

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