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Legal operations management

HighQ for law firms

Transform your department with an integrated legal operations hub

Deliver a differentiated client experience

Empower your firm to be more efficient, agile and competitive with HighQ. You'll work more intelligently and collaboratively with internal colleagues while delivering more responsive, transparent, and valuable services to clients.

HighQ helps you tackle common firm challenges

Client engagement

Set your firm apart at every stage of your clients’ journey.

Document collaboration

Help teams collaborate and communicate on documents securely and efficiently.

Legal project management

Plan, organise, track, and complete work more efficiently and intelligently.

Team collaboration

Discover a better way to collaborate, communicate, and connect your teams.

Transaction management

Complete M&A, real estate, and other legal transactions quickly and effectively.

Litigation management

Gain instant, secure access to the critical files and details surrounding your cases.

Portfolio management

Capture, store, and search all information and files related to your portfolio.

Compliance management

Leverage a holistic approach to regulatory tracking and compliance for you and your clients.

Hear from our customer

From content to complex litigation and bespoke client portals, Jackson McDonald's future of client engagement looks promising.

HighQ for law firms

See how innovative law firms are combining technology, process improvement and a client-focused approach to reengineer their legal service delivery into a real competitive advantage.



8 Pillars Behind Every Successful Law Firm

From compliance management to client engagement, through partnering with Thomson Reuters, firms can utilise innovative tech to help bring their law firm’s performance to new heights.

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See how HighQ can make your firm more secure, efficient, and innovative