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Contract Express India

Document Automation That Works ™

Our document and contract automation software (Contract Express) is trusted by the world’s leading law firms and corporations to generate standard legal documents from automated templates, reducing or eliminating the delays, costs, bottlenecks, and risks inherent with manual drafting. With automated contract drafting, lawyers are freed to work on higher value negotiations, non-standard matters, and realizable matters. The result is a faster, more efficient, more consistent, more compliant legal service. Everyone wins. Partners and GCs trust Contract Express contract automation because their lawyers are able to quickly and accurately automate and update their legal templates in Word without requiring IT specialists to convert their legal templates into computer programs.
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E-billing, matter management, and performance analytics

Legal Tracker India

Control cost, reduce spend, and drive efficient collaboration

Legal Tracker, formerly Serengeti, is the leading online software solution that provides law departments a new way to work, setting new standards and best business practices for the efficient management of in-house legal work and, most significantly, work with outside counsel. Control cost, reduce spend, and drive efficient collaboration, all from an intuitive, online interface.


Legal Tracker—ranked #1 by corporate legal departments
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Proven client and matter management solution

MatterSphere India

Discover a powerful way to efficiently manage matters

Client and Matter Management ensures consistent, repeatable matter workflow processes that keep your teams working productively and profitably. MatterSphere transforms matter management operations from end to end by providing firms with a single unified way to view and manage day-to-day activities including clients, matters, workloads, tasks and critical dates as well as all related documents, reference materials and reports.
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