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Global Capabilities Centres - Episode 2

Driving Value Leveraging Knowledge-based Processes 

 Exploring the potential of knowledge-based processes in GCCs

Organizations are increasingly relying on Global Capability Centres (GCCs) to maximise efficiencies for the required agility to scale business in a compliant manner. 

GCCs have transitioned from being cost drivers to value creators by incorporating knowledge-based complex processes such as statutory financial reporting and tax compliance. In this strategic direction, they look to create cross-functional capabilities, integrate and analyse information quickly and achieve compliance faster and accurately by eliminating redundancies.

Technology and specifically content-driven technology is essential to drive such complex processes and cement GCCs’ role as a strategic business partner.

Discussion Points:

  1. What are knowledge-based (KB) processes and why NOW?
  2. Leveraging content driven technology we can eliminate roadblocks to centralizing KB processes
  3. NOW – governments are digitizing with transaction level reporting etc.
  4. Examples of GCCs revolutionising financial reporting and tax and building the Next-Generation Finance and Tax Leaders?

Key Takeaways:

  • GCCs holistic approach towards technology & its transformational journey
  • GCCs aspiring to become more prominent in India
  • What is the importance of technological skillsets in organisations
  • Benefits of overcoming language capabilities in organisations
  • Details of how technology automated taxation over the years
  • How did Accenture centralised knowledge-based processes
  • Understanding the strategies & challenges of retention
  • How did the criteria of setting up GCCs have changed over the years?
  • Understanding work patterns of the new generation in various organisations
  • Importance of fit-gap analysis in the transformational journey of GCCs
  • Combination of talent & tech play a major role in encouraging GCCs
  • What are the benefits of centralising GCCs for Deloitte

Featured speakers

Vishal Parekh
Head - South Asia & South East Asia
Thomson Reuters

Rajesh Kumar Ojha
Managing Director & Lead - GIC - GCC

Arvind Subramanian
Chief Accounting Officer

Gaurav Gupta
Partner, M&A Consulting