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Global Capability Centres - Episode 3

Roadmap to the Future

Know how Indian Global Capability Centres are leading the global R&D efforts

GCCs are a strategic focus and essential value driver for organisations. Forward-looking GCCs have turned into global Centres of Excellence for processes, centralisation of which was thought of as unimaginable in the past. Such GCCs were able to envision, articulate the business case internally and successfully chart the journey of their evolution – all with a growth mindset. 

So, what does roadmap to the future of GCCs in incorporating complex knowledge-based processes look like? 

Discussion Points:

  1. Internal roadblocks to an optimal GCC
  2. Example of knowledge-based process as its one of the hardest to pitch due to local regulations, local consultants and language challenges
  3. Internally navigating the organization, seat at the table, how to pitch internally with the example of a knowledge-based process
  4. Why is it worth doing?
  5. Business case – direct ROI
  6. Business case – owning your data (data lakes, analysis etc)

Key Takeaways:

  • GCCs strategy of low-cost labour models
  • GCCs are leveraging automation & driving approaches to talent attraction
  • GCCs initiatives to improvise strategic roles
  • Transition from country specific roles to handling centralised operations
  • Finding solutions to ensure importance of GCCs in organisations
  • Analysis of holistic business requirement & context of organisations
  • Focus on how to bring out the best expertise in organisations
  • Importance of return on investment in new & established GCCs
  • GCCs will be focusing on customer experience & value-added services
  • Synergies & standardisation's pivotal role in making GCCs more prominent
  • GCCs have become global powerhouses for processes & centralisation
  • Enhancing business cases based on efficiency & compliance

Featured speakers

David Fox
Vice President and Managing Director - Corporate Business, Asia and Emerging Markets
Thomson Reuters

Milton Fernand
Head-Finance Business Services
Renault Nissan

Rajib Basu
Head-Record to Report & Bill to Cash